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Rapeseed peeling


Rapeseed peeling: rapeseed containing 14% -20% of the seed coat, black Seeded Brassica containing an average rate of 18% leather, seed coat containing more than 30% crude fiber, rapeseed most Sinapine pigment , phytic acid, tannins and other anti-nutritional substances are also mainly present in the seed coat. Therefore, the seed coat is a major factor in the impact of rapeseed meal protein forage, it is crucial to limit the development of rapeseed edible protein. Peeling treatment can effectively remove the anti-nutritional factors, the average meal can increase the protein content of about 14%, meal quality has been greatly improved. In the conventional production of rapeseed oil without peeling, the peeling in the canola seed processing rapeseed more sense, since the seeds of canola rapeseed generally higher fiber content, which is a non-ruminant meal animal feed application is limited.

Currently, research on rapeseed peeling technology is still in its infancy. China has been reported, the rapeseed water adjusted to 7% -8%, the impact of the method makes use of centrifugal rapeseed rupture peeling, then use the screening method chosen will wind skin Jen separation. Abroad have reported that the use of elastic deformation occurring in rapeseed crushing roller gap makes skin rapeseed crushing, screening and then using electromagnetic field, separating the skin and benevolence meat. In actual production, crushed rapeseed and peeling in two steps. The first plane rotary crushing mixture is sieved into three fractions, Jen directly to the press under the screen, the screen is not completely broken on rapeseed to secondary crushing, skin Jen mixture in the middle of a high electric field separator skin Jen for separation. Paper Jen mixture enters the separator leather high electric field, the vibration even after the fall on a rotating roller was thrown into a certain line speed and strong electric field, due to the different chemical structure of the skin and kernels and other characteristics, in strong electromagnetic fields in the subject of electromagnetic force will be different, they can reach a distance in an electric field will vary. By adjusting the shutter angle separating machine, you can make the skin rapeseed well separated.
Color, flavor and quality of the resulting squeeze by Jen peeling rapeseed oil has significantly improved utilization value meal after peeling improvement. However, in the peeling operation of sub oil loss caused adverse factors should also be considered.

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