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Rapeseed hot pressing process

Rapeseed hot pressing process: rapeseed, cleaning, softening, flaking, steaming and roasting, crushing.
Rapeseed hot pressing process Instructions: rapeseed choice Size 30 mesh / inch mesh screening, so rapeseed containing impurities of less than 0.5%, and then to soften, soften rapeseed moisture content of about 9%, and then were flaking, steaming and roasting, steaming and roasting temperature of 110-120 degrees so that oil, its moisture content of about l-1.5%, they can be pressed into the press. Such as the use of a cylindrical pot, rapeseed by-election to the complex directly into the cylinder after the wok or flaking into the flat-bottomed wok all OK.

However, when the seed fried 2-3% water was added, while a 110-120 °, which can pan the press. The following methods can be used to determine whether rapeseed fried hot pressing. Rubbing two pieces of wood with rapeseed, if separated from the shell kernel, kernel into yellow as appropriate, if the kernels into a powder is too dry, if not separated from the shell and the kernel is too wet.

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