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Cold pressed

Cold pressed: rapeseed can also be cold pressed, when the cold pressed rapeseed cleaning to miscellaneous, 1-2% of the water, can be added to soften rapeseed and to soften the flaking, no flaking also can be squeezed into the oil mill, cold pressed rapeseed water cut of the high and low will directly affect the efficiency of oil, so judge oil dry wet is very critical, generally involved before rapeseed in water control in 5-8%, with rapeseed water of high and low for making judgment, can squeeze rapeseed with his nails if there was a noise, and is divided into two pieces, with oil for water right, if into powder with water cut a little too dry, if into flat shape, high moisture content is too wet.

Problems in the process of crushing: rapeseed oil content of up to 33-40%, general hot pressing according to the instruction book operation not appear abnormal phenomenon, if due to improper operation or during cold pressed oil water cut of discomfort, rapeseed oil press the body temperature, also can appear to run the phenomenon such as slag, oil or feed back, then can be reference to process the cold pressed peanut kernel.

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