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Hydraulic cold pressing style press

Hydraulic cold pressing style press, physical press without heating, do not add any chemical raw materials, without edible vegetable oil, easy to operate, no wearing parts, long service life.
Prior to the use of a hydraulic press cold pressed formula, first of all should be ready aids and containers, check and adjust belt tightness. Then start the motor, the machine idling about 15min, check the speed of pressing screw shaft. General speed should be around 33dmin. Do you want to pay attention to when idling gear box gear meshing and sound normal, whether the individual bearing parts and motor properly. Hydraulic cold pressing style press idling, the motor current should be about 3A. Such as the current is too high, you should immediately stop inspection, adjustment and then boot.


After the load is normal, around 50kg rapeseed ready, ready to put into the hopper. Note: When you press the feed can not start too fast, otherwise the sudden increase in pressure within the chamber pressing, pressing screw shaft will not turn, causing blockage virgin bore, even to squeeze cage rupture, a major accident. So at the beginning of the compression, the feed should be evenly slowly into the hopper, so press were run together. So repeatedly, sustained more than 3 ~ 4h, so press the temperature was gradually increased, and even take smoke. At the start of the press virgin bore temperature is low, slowly twist the handle on the withered section stud, increase the thickness of the cake, while increasing billet juice into the water, to be squeezed bore temperature. Rose to about 90 ℃, after the press often operate out of cake thickness can be adjusted to 1.5 ~ 2.5mm, and tighten the nut tightened.
After cold pressing type hydraulic press functioning, high oil content of fuel oil are mostly concentrated in the bar at the front rows and rows of round group. Article discharge oil at 60% of the total amount of oil out of the front row of the group round at about 30%; and the end of the discharge of oil is small, not a drip line, oil color is very clear. Repeatedly pressing two or three times to make the rapeseed scrap, during which can be uniformly mixed with diesel oil more human embryos press material, even when you want to keep cutting, avoid erratic otherwise, affect the life and the oil yield oil press.



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