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Preparation of rapeseed crushing

Preparation of rapeseed crushing, squeezing take oil is very rural with a small oil extensive process, but only mastered the correct technique in order to improve the oil yield and reduce production costs. Operation is as follows:
1, clean up: raw rapeseed to sift shaker, remove large and small miscellaneous miscellaneous. If necessary, remove the mud alongside rapeseed feed available Wolong iron rice rolls over grind, then sieve to remove the drip was crushed marl.
2, Sheel: using small roll machine rolled, so food grain Sheel. Sheel neither requires shedding, but not crushed, was "open smile" shape, Sheel rate of not less than 85%;. Powder not exceeding 5% of the feeding operation should be uniform, flow properly, adjust the spacing appropriate grinding rolls .
3, add water: rapeseed material into the pan, stir together the side edges to add some hot water, feed water is added to 13-15% moisture content is reached.

4, fried material: oil extraction equipment and more Square pan, fry feed material temperature is 120-132 final summarized's degree, Stir clinker material is not exposed by hand oil, elastic, let go that is scattered, not cooked evenly maturity . Clinker fried residual moisture is about 2.0%. While pressing machine to ensure that the material temperature is 120-125 degrees Fahrenheit summarized.
5. Preparation of rapeseed crush: Preheat normal virgin bore, you can start a formal vote of clinker, and adjust the thickness of 1.25-2.5 mm cake. Squeezing effect is good or bad, can randomly determine eligibility fried material. So squeezing action to ground observation, ground inspection, ground adjustment. To maximize oil yield squeezed, pressed cake should be adjusted too thin, but the requirements are not allowed to take smoke out of the cake and scorched, dry cake residual control between 5-6%.
6, crude oil treatment: squeeze the crude oil into the oil tank, first by precipitation to remove solid impurities, such as requiring further purify, you need to configure a filter, available edible vegetable oil.

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