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The many versions of rapeseed mill

Rapeseed oil is commonly known as vegetable oil, known as rapeseed oil, coriander oil, it is squeezed out of a rapeseed oil through rapeseed oil mechanical equipment. Rapeseed oil or golden brown color, a certain irritating odor, cited folk called "green odor." This is where the smell of mustard glycosides containing an amount due, but privileged rapeseed varieties do not contain this substance.


Rapeseed production in the country has a great development, and constantly improve the yield per mu. Rapeseed oil production accounts for about one third of vegetable oil production. In addition to the main producing areas of the Yangtze and Pearl River Basin, other regions also to develop rapeseed planting, because it can take advantage of winter fallow land for planting, not to compete with field crops.



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