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The advantage of rapeseed oil refining equipment

The production process of rapeseed oil refining is generally divided into pressing and leaching method.


Squeezing method, also known as physical squeezing method, is used outside the oil in the oil squeezed out are not applicable to other chemical solvents, avoid the residual organic solvents in oil. Squeeze the Xinxiang City Hongyang Oil Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. the production process to the greatest extent retained the effective components of rapeseed meal, polyunsaturated fatty acid, protein, dietary fiber, vitamins, trace elements, such as a variety of beneficial to human nutrition, more suitable for used in a special supplement for human body health care.

Rapeseed oil is we called the vegetable oil, also called rape seed oil, caraway oil is rapeseed squeezed out of a kind of edible oil. Canola oil color of golden yellow or pale brown, a pungent smell and folk approach called "green smell". The smell is which contains a certain amount of glucosinolate caused by, but the special advantages and varieties of rapeseed without the substance.

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