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How to classify rapeseed oil

Rapeseed oil is our custom your vegetable oil, also called rape seed oi through rapeseed oil extraction, refining. Caraway oil is rapeseed squeezed out, is one of China's major edible oil, rapeseed oil color of golden yellow or pale brown, a pungent smell, folk lead called "black odor". The smell is which contains a certain amount of mustard ring caused by, but the special advantages and varieties of rapeseed without the substance. Cabbage type rape and Chinese cabbage type rape seed from (oil 22%-49%, 40% on average). Protein containing 21% - 27%, approximately 1% of phospholipids is one of the major edible oil to China.

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1, From the oil extraction equipment to points, can be divided into pressed rapeseed oil and rapeseed oil extraction.

2, Whether the genetically modified from raw materials to points, can be divided into transgenic and non transgenic rapeseed oil rapeseed oil.

3, The content of erucic acid from fatty acid composition to points, can be divided into general rapeseed oil and canola oil. Generally dark yellow or brown. Arachidic acid 0.4-1.0%, oleic acid linoleic acid in rapeseed oil 14-19%, 12-24%, 31-55% from 1-10%. linolenic acid and erucic acid, nutritive value, human body absorption rate can be up to 99% rapeseed oil digestion, and gallbladder function. In the liver in pathological conditions, rapeseed ketone can also be human metabolism. But the lack of rapeseed oil linoleic acid and other essential fatty acids, and the fatty acid composition is not balanced, so the nutritional value than ordinary vegetable oil is low. In addition, rapeseed oil contains large amounts of erucic acid and glucosinolate. The material, generally believed that these substances on the human body growth.

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