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Two kinds of oil processes: crushing and leaching method

Two kinds of oil processes: crushing and leaching method. (1) crushing method are separated by physical pressure oil directly from the oil, the whole process does not involve any chemical additives, to ensure product safety, health, pollution, natural nutrition from damage.
(2) leaching method is the use of the raw material after full immersion grease high temperature extraction, after "six off" process (degreasing, degumming, dehydration, bleaching, deodorization, deacidification) processing. The biggest feature is the oil is high, low production costs, the price is lower than the press law.

High temperature refining process lost authentic natural vegetable oil, fat-soluble vitamins will be destroyed, and the residual trace "the 6th" light gasoline, the new introduction of national standards, salad oil extraction solvent residue of a secondary standard shall not exceed 10 per kilogram mg, 34 mg does not allow more than 50, indicating that qualified oil still contains residual gasoline. The new standard also provides a label on the drums to mark the press or leaching, but also the consumer's right to know, so that consumers choose.
These are our companies explain two kinds of oil processes: crushing and leaching method, you want to know more, please continue to pay attention.




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