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Oilseeds shelling and peeling

Oilseeds shelling and peeling: 1. oil sheller and peeling purposes: to improve the oil yield and improve the quality of meal and hair oil, reduce wear and tear on equipment, increasing the effective production equipment. Conducive billets and other follow-up procedures performed hull utilization.

2.oil sheller and peeling equipment: Disc Sheller, Sheller blades, Roll Sheller, centrifugal sheller, hammer Sheller, roll-type Sheller
3.What process characteristicsdisc sheller and knife board Sheller is?
Disc Sheller: a high-sheller efficiency, but after grinding degree peel, it is not easy to separate blades Sheller: sheller is low, whole kernel rate.

4.Jen shell separation process requirements oil Sheller: Jen shell separated by an optimal balance to achieve the highest level of oil yield best, Jen shell containing about 6%.
5. Sheller affect oil separation efficiency and benevolence shell main factors: the nature of the oil, and peel methods and equipment selection sheller equipment operating conditions.
The main method according rapeseed peeling: Rolling rub and shear.

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