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Pre-press - oil extraction process


Pre-press - oil extraction process is relatively time squeezing oil has the following advantages:
good quality crude oil. As mentioned above, once squeezed into juice temperature of 125 ~ 130 , the water is about 1.5%, while the pre-pressed into juice material temperature which 110 , the moisture of 4% to 5%; lower pressing pressure inside the machine, to help the resulting crude oil color is lighter, easy to refine into high quality oil.
easy to operate. Pretreatment of raw material pre-press requirements, unlike a squeeze as stringent, which makes the operation easier. Increase the thickness of raw embryo, steaming and roasting time is shortened so that flaking machine, handle the corresponding increase in the amount of steaming wok.
favorable for leaching. Pre-press cake moisture content is high, unlike a press cake as coke fragile, easily transported in catechesis, thereby reducing the degree of intrusion powder materials is conducive to solvent penetration, increase the leaching rate, reducing residual dry meal, there conducive to drying wet meal desolventizing reduce solvent loss.

extend the life of pressing machine parts. Compared with a pre-pressed extra virgin squeeze small bore pressure, reduce wear wearing parts pressing screw, pressing strips, the replacement cycle is extended.
steam consumption is reduced. Pre-pressed extra virgin material requires lower temperatures into the high water, which correspondingly reduces the time consumption of heating steam steaming and roasting.
To sum up relatively visible, pre-press - oil extraction process than a legal squeeze has more advantages, can effectively improve the quality of crude oil and meal, increase economic efficiency. But for some special oil, in order to maintain its unique composition allowed to use solvent extraction, can only be used once or twice a press law squeezing oil extraction.

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