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Rapeseed crushing

Rapeseed crushing: first machine was raised to 110-140 ℃; rapeseed wok roasted, when rapeseed take smoke pot, fry guy with dark yellow rapeseed grind open pan, then cooled to 60 ℃ about the press, oily yellow, black and yellow cake was large or long strips, another due to different tastes and the use of the difference between north and south, while the south roasted rapeseed relatively heavier, Northern slightly lighter.
Several problems rapeseed crushing prone:

(1) Residue take out the oil yield is not enough: After speculation mainly rapeseed, cool enough.
(2) The oil filter is slow: mainly rapeseed in the press, the raw material impurities, low dust and machinery ministries multi-temperature, combined with canola oil due to the large concentration. Then heat the oil pan should be open, the other two filters to be used interchangeably, the timely removal of residue on the filter cloth, clean or replace the filter cloth.
(3) the emergence of the injection pump phenomenon: As long filter, resulting in the expression of the vacuum limit (-0.1), can be seen from the windows of oil foam rise, if it continues to filter, it will be the oil pumped into the air bag, and then ejected from the pump suction vacuum vent, causing the oil rate decreased, this phenomenon should pause vacuum pumps, vacuum table values ​​fell to -0.09, and then continue to work.

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